Turning wastewater into pure profit.

To us waste streams are a potential source of sustainable resources which can be reused. Read about the pure benefits here.

Selective heavy metal seperation


Chromafora offers customers a tailored technology, SELMEXT™ (Selective Metal Extraction), to handle waste streams containing dissolved heavy metals. The high selectivity also enables recycling of elements, for example such as Zn, Cu and REM.

The customers are mines and AMD (acid mine drainage), industries with industrial waste-water of acids, energy plats.

With a high selectivity and amount of secondary waste that usually is generated when purifying a stream today, is decreased or in some instances almost eliminated. The amount of secondary waste generated is consisting only of the separated heavy metals from the stream. Thereby is the chemical consumption very low for SELMTEXT™.

SELMTEXT™ can also with benefits be used to treat washing liquids used to purify solidifield waste.


Our Selpaxt™ product is a completely new way of treating water from perfluorinated alkylated substances, or better known as PFAS (including PFOS and PFOA). PFAS is commonly occurring in ground or surface water at places where firefighting foam has been used or stored. For example, PFAS is found in the ground and eventually in the run-off water at airfields, industrial sites and landfills, where PFAS waste sometimes ends up. Sometimes these types of waters are not so easily treated with conventional methods for PFAS removal such as activated carbon.  One issue with activated carbon is that the carbon surface has poor selectivity and hence does a poor job of discriminating between PFAS and other organic molecules, resulting in frequent change of carbon and high level of waste generation. Then there is also the problem with the different chain lengths of the PFAS molecules and the unequal retention that the carbon material pose causing some, often the shorter chained, molecules slipping through the net. Selpaxt™ has a higher selectivity towards PFAS over other organic compounds even at high loads of organic interfering substances and, has better retention of the shorter chained molecules.

Benefits with Selpaxt™

  • Good selectivity for PFAS over other interfering organic substances
  • Minimizing waste masses
  • Effective towards a broad range of the PFAS group spectrum (both long and short molecule chains)
  • Low energy requirements compared to other membrane technologies
  • Highly adaptable to most types of water matrixes

Customer benefits

  • Offering a piece in the puzzle to enable a more sustainable handling of waste streams.
  • Selective heavy metal separation, will result in less waste needed to be landfilled.
  • Possibility to reenter the separated heavy metals to life cycle.
  • Purified waste streams become raw material that can be reused.
  • Enable cost savings.