“Turning wastewater into renewable resources”

Chromafora is an innovative Swedish cleantech company that has two unique technologies to detoxify water based on patented methods, Selmext™ and Selpaxt™. Both technologies are used to remove e.g. dissolved heavy metals and PFAS from water and reduce the amount of secondary waste by means of selective separation. The methods also reduce the need for virgin extraction of several critical raw materials, as gold and other valuable metals can be extracted from waste streams and made available for reuse.

Chromafora was founded in 2010 with the aim of implementing and commercializing the chemical innovation now in use for the detoxification of polluted water. Further development and technology adaptations led to the initial operation of pilot plants in 2020 and full-scale production shortly thereafter.

Today, using water detoxification and the ability to recover valuable resources through unique solutions and services, Chromafora helps industrial actors and other business operators that have an impact on water in the environment.

Chromafora’s head office and chemical laboratory are located in Solna.


Banvaktsvägen 22
171 48 Solna


+46 8 23 53 50