Environmental technology company Chromafora’s Selmext technology removes substances such as mercury and arsenic from water. A new laboratory study shows that the technology also removes more than 99 percent of uranium from leachate.

– Historically, it has been particularly difficult to remove uranium from leachate effectively without things getting very expensive. We’re pleased the results show that our technology for capturing metals is also just as effective for uranium, says Johan Seijmer, Chromafora CEO.

Swedish environmental technology company Chromafora offers several technologies for cleaning water, including the removal of metals or PFAS endocrine disruptors. The Selmext method can also be used to extract e.g. gold and rare earth metals from electronic scrap, leachate or mining waste.

New EU water directives mean that governments are today placing more stringent standards on operations applying for environmental permits. The need to reach a very low metal content in water leaving a plant has therefore created a demand for new, efficient solutions. Chromafora’s technology is not only useful for mining companies but also heavy industry and landfill sites that have to detoxify water cost effectively.

– Uranium and other metals occur naturally in bedrock and can leach out during mining and quarrying. Mining companies and other environmental players can use our technology to prevent metals from reaching water in the immediate surroundings, says Johan Seijmer.

Chromafora’s Selmext technology separates dissolved metals from liquids by selectively capturing specific molecules. Now, the new study shows that Selmext method separates more than 99% of uranium from water. It is possible to reach levels below 1 microgram uranium per liter of water, and Chromafora is sure the method can be further developed to provide even better outcomes.

The Selmext technology is easy to connect and adapt to existing treatment plants with different capacity requirements. The process produces only a small amount of concentrated waste, which significantly reduces the cost of waste management.

– The strength of our technology resides in its ability to capture precisely the substances we aim for. While it reduces waste, it also provides the opportunity to reuse and recycle valuable metals and other substances. This can provide users with new revenues and help them transition toward a more circular business model, says Johan Seijmer.

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Johan Seijmer, Chromafora CEO, +46 73 800 61 63,johan.seijmer@chromafora.com

In a nutshell: Chromafora
Chromafora offers custom technology for the selective detoxification of waste streams, such as polluted industrial water and mining leachate. The company uses two unique methods, Selpaxt, which detoxify water contaminated by PFAS, and Selmext, which selectively removes heavy metals from waste streams.

To separate heavy metals from polluted water, conventional filter technology is combined with innovative chemistry based on chemicals on the REACH list. In addition to detoxification, the Selmext method can be used to extract gold and valuable substances such as rare earth metals from electronic scrap, leachate or mine waste.

Chromaphora was established in 2010 and is owned by its founders Dr. Gaston Lavén and Dr. Martin Kullberg, the environmental company Ragn-Sells, Zentricity Holding, ALMI and private investors.