We are pleased to have delivered another SELPAXT unit to a customer. This time a Swedish waste management plant has chosen the SELPAXT technology for removal of the hazardous chemicals PFAS.

SELPAXT is Chromafora’s patented technology that uses selective separation and chemically enhanced ultrafiltration to capture 90-99% of both long and short PFAS. Short PFAS have a shorter length of the fluorinated carbon chain and are very difficult for other technologies to capture effectively.

“Our SELPAXT technology captures both long and short PFAS chains and also manages to maintain the high separation performance over time. Where traditional technologies lose effect after a short time, SELPAXT maintains the same level of PFAS removal,” explains Johan Seijmer, CEO of Chromafora.

We are proud to be part of the solution to the PFAS problem, both in Sweden and Europe.