Chromafora, the Swedish cleantech innovator, proudly announces that its patented technology, SELPAXT™, is emerging as the preeminent method for efficiently eliminating both long and short-chain PFAS from contaminated water. Recent performance reports showcase an astounding average PFAS reduction rate exceeding 98%, solidifying SELPAXT’s position as the go-to solutions for tackling PFAS in heavily contaminated water streams.

Chromafora’s SELPAXT technology has demonstrated unparalleled efficacy in handling the most challenging water streams contaminated with a predominance of short-chain PFAS, an accomplishment unmatched by any other existing treatment technologies. Amid escalating concerns voiced by scientists, water organizations, and citizens regarding hazardous PFAS levels in water, SELPAXT stands out as a game-changer, offering an effective and sustainable solution.

The urgency to address PFAS contamination in water, attributed to alarming reports of its adverse effects on nature, humans, and animals, has never been higher. Chromafora’s SELPAXT technology rises to the occasion, meeting the escalating demand for cutting-edge treatment technologies.

SELPAXT Delivers Unprecedented PFAS Removal

Chromafora’s SELPAXT technology is specifically designed to address water contamination with exceptionally high PFAS levels. Employing a combination of selective separation and chemically enhanced ultrafiltration, SELPAXT captures both long and short-chain PFAS. Notably, the technology excels at capturing short-chain PFAS over time, which proves challenging for conventional methods.

For the first time, Chromafora is sharing performance results from SELPAXT treatment, revealing its unique ability to consistently achieve high levels of long term PFAS reduction.

“Our SELPAXT technology not only captures both long and short PFAS chains but also maintains high treatment performance over time. Unlike traditional technologies that lose effectiveness quickly, SELPAXT consistently delivers substantial PFAS reduction”, says Johan Seijmer, CEO, Chromafora

Proactive PFAS Management with SELPAXT

With PFAS emissions dating back to the 1950s, the responsibility for cleaning soil, water, and air from PFAS remains a topic of global discussion. PFAS emissions frequently find their way into the drinking water of municipalities, and they also become deposited in landfills at recycling facilities that handle PFAS-heavy waste. Chromafora recognizes this critical issue and positions SELPAXT as a strategic solution to prevent the further spread of PFAS, mitigating the burden on affected municipalities and recycling facilities. Chromafora’s SELPAXT technology emerges as a proactive solution, preventing PFAS from reaching drinking water sources.

“With our SELPAXT technology, we can offer an efficient solution that removes PFAS from water upstream before it spreads to lakes and rivers. In this way, we are part of the process of protecting drinking water”, Johan Seijmer continues

Integration into Water Treatment Systems

Recognizing the omnipresence of PFAS in various water sources, SELPAXT is seamlessly delivered as an integral component of water treatment systems. The technology is easily integrated into existing water treatment processes and can be harmoniously combined with other applications. Water treated with SELPAXT can be repurposed as technical water, alleviating pressure on clean water resources.

As the world grapples with the PFAS crisis, Chromafora’s SELPAXT technology emerges as the beacon of hope, offering a sustainable, effective, and forward-thinking solution to safeguard water quality.

Download PDF, SELPAXT Reduction results: Results from PFAS removal with SELPAXT in recycling facilities, firefighting water, airport stormwater and landfill leachate, which have different compositions and concentrations of PFAS.